Professional Women’s Council Small Business Leader of the Year

Small Business of the Year

I have been a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for over twenty years. Being involved in your community is an important part of living in your community. In order to serve the needs of your community, you need to be active in it. I have been involved as an advocate, educator, caregiver and business owner for over 26 years.

I started attending the Professional Women’s Council of the Chamber about 2 years ago. In November of last year, when I was chosen to represent the Professional Women’s Council as their Small Business Leader of the Year, I felt honored and humbled. I was also excited as to the possibility of yet another way to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and to try to help as many as I could understand the importance of planning.

This past year, I have traveled around Jacksonville to nine different councils. As a business leader I was able to speak to other business owners about issues we all encounter regardless of the industry. As a Dementia Care Practitioner, I was able to
educate others about the disease and the challenges of caregivers. Speaking to hundreds about the necessity to start thinking of planning for older age, possible disability or an untimely health crisis, gave me a good start on what lies ahead in my

My mission is to have everyone start thinking about the “what if”. What if you couldn’t make decisions for yourself, who would you trust and who would love and respect you enough to step in to make those decisions for you?

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