What Should Be the Foundation of Care for Dementia?

Senior Care Foundations

I have built Almost Home by helping families through coaching and caring.

Our philosophy is: Life. Celebrated Daily.

The foundation of our Coach and Care is Safety First.

Our Program of Care is built on safety, structure, socialization and support. Attention to needs, friends, education, training and you, the caregiver, are all part of our care strategies.

Below is an outline of the Safety First approach to care and what we recommend to be the foundation of care for dementia.

Safety First: Persons with Alzheimer’s can’t always make the distinction between what is safe and what is dangerous. As a caregiver, we must make those choices. We become the protector of the one we are caring for. I will touch on more detailed safety issues later.

Structure: Establishing routine and having things flow is essential in managing the day for an Alzheimer’s patient. If we do not keep a routine, it is easy for one to get overwhelmed and frustrated. Unstructured time creates chaos. I will give you tips on how to maintain structure and add a rhythm to your day.

Socialization: Humans are social beings. They need others around to stay engaged in life. Without human interaction, quality of life is compromised. You will be given tips on how to keep friends and family engaged and helpful to you and the one you are caring for.

Support: You need a supportive team to follow through on this journey. Education to help understand the disease will be provided in this manual. You will also be coached on how to support yourself so that you can continue to be that wonderful caregiver.

Attention to needs of the person with dementia can be difficult. They can not always express what their needs are or what they want. Being a detective is necessary in trying to figure out what they need. Experience with them creates the relationship that makes it easier to be attentive.

We practice the Best Friends method. Human nature tends to trust friends more than strangers and sometimes more than family. Friends help friends. Being a friend with total acceptance creates trust from the one you are caring for.

Education about the disease process, medications, medical procedures, end of life care, financial matters and care options are all part of my coaching families in the caring of their loved one.

Training comes after education. Caregivers can learn how to provide quality, proper care at different stages of the disease. As a certified trainer in many areas, I train both professional and family caregivers.

Caregivers will forget about themselves. Caregivers forget about their own needs and health. I help You watch for signs of caregiver stress. Also knowing proper nutrition and health maintenance can help you survive this exhausting, physically and emotionally debilitating, caregiving experience. You will never experience a more rewarding challenge.

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