The Day is Almost Over – What to do Next?

The Day is Almost Over – What To Do Next?


It’s nighttime. A light dinner has been served, a little relaxation and it’s time for the getting ready for bed routine.

Have a Routine

I strongly suggest a nightly routine. This is good for everyone. The repetition is helpful for you and your loved one. Some nights will be harder than others, this is to be expected. Patience is often called for especially at night. I have included many tips and highlights in my book, Simply Caring, under Chapter 8.

Write in Your Journal

My final thought for the day is to journal. I know, you think there’s no time, but I strongly suggest you make time. The journal can be your way of getting out your thoughts and feelings about the day. It is also a way to record changes that are happening with your loved one. You can write about challenges and how you successfully dealt with them. It might be helpful if the same instances arise to go back through your notes and see what worked. Not everything will work a second time, but it’s good to read about how you handled things and what the outcomes were. As the caregiver, you must be creative, patient and analytical while dealing with a variety of behaviors and issues.


Highlights from the book Simply Caring: Putting the Alzheimer’s Puzzle Together by Almost Home CEO Jamie Glavich. View more at




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