How Can I Prevent Dehydration?

How Can I Prevent Dehydration?


Simply stated it is making sure there is fluid intake. Everyone needs to be properly hydrated.

Encourage drinking a glass of water each time medication is taken. Buy a reusable water bottle or use a special cup just for your loved one. It can be filled in the morning and you can make a game of making sure it is empty by bedtime. Besides water or other fluids, you could try to encourage eating foods such as fruit, vegetables, jello or soup. We always have popsicles on hand in our facilities. This is another fun way to get some hydration.

We encourage folks to drink not just when they are thirsty but at mealtimes, snack times and times in between.

If you want to mask the non-flavor of water, add a squirt of lemon, lime or orange juice. There are also liquid and powder flavor additions you can buy to add to the water.

There is never a bad time to take a drink of water.


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