Almost Home DayBreak Adult Day Care Center offers Caregiver Education, Memory Programs and Personal Assistance

DayBreak services are founded on a powerful philosophy known as Anam Cara, a beautiful understanding of love and friendship in the Celtic tradition. A basis for Anam Cara is the spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding. When you establish such a bond with another person and become open and trusting with them, your souls flow together. Should such a bond be nurtured, you have found your Anam Cara, or soul friend.

In everyone’s life there is a need for such a friend — one who accepts and understands you without mask or pretension. At Almost Home, Anam Cara means that we are responsible for providing the best of care, for nurturing our residents and guests, and to always cherish another more highly than oneself. It is this foundation that provides our DayBreak guests with positive solutions for them and their families. Our services include:

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