Almost Home Senior Services Provides Adult Day Care and Assisted Living in Jacksonville and the Beaches

Almost Home offers specially trained, caring and compassionate professionals who care for and nurture your loved ones as they age in place.

Almost Home DayBreak provides services to:

  • Relieve 24/7 caregiver responsibility allowing you more time to refresh
  • Lessen, delay or prevent functional decline, when possible, through brain enhancement activities, exercise, music and socialization
  • Allow daily breaks for work, caregiver socialization, or other activities

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Almost Home Assisted Living provides specialized care for dementia patients, such as:

  • Personal care for residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairment disorders (Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, frontal-temporal lobe dementias)
  • A positive environment focused on daily enjoyment filled with love and the human touch
  • Gentle care tailored to meet the specialized needs of your loved one

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Our programs of care can make a big difference – for both family caregivers and the individual needing such care. A positive environment can improve your loved one’s outlook and how much enjoyment they get from each day. Many families are delighted because their relationships are enhanced from the extra help and guidance they receive – whether in our assisted living homes or at our adult day care centers.

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