At Almost Home we Care for those with Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss in A home-like, Secure Environment

The Almost Home program is built around Anam Cara, a beautiful understanding of love and friendship in the Celtic tradition. A basis for Anam Cara is the spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding. When you establish such a bond with another person and become open and trusting with them, your souls flow together. Should such a bond be nurtured, you have found your Anam Cara, or soul friend.

In everyone's life there is a need for such a friend - one who accepts and understands you without mask or pretension. At Almost Home, Anam Cara means that we are responsible for providing the best of care, for nurturing our residents and guests, and to always cherish another more highly than oneself.

When it comes to care giving, however, one size does not fit all. Our care program is tailored to meet the specialized needs of all who are afflicted with a dementia including Alzheimer's, Lewy Body, Parkinson’s and Frontal-temporal dementias.

We understand the varying needs that result from a specific disease and how to make life more meaningful and pleasant. Such an approach bolsters self worth and creates a true failure-free, less threatening world for those with memory loss. We use gentle strategies such as re-direction, coaching, cueing and task breakdown to help residents feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

Almost Home has developed its own unique programs to meet resident needs. Our approach to resident-centered care helps create satisfying days and meaningful lives for residents, and peace of mind for families. A few specifics:

Comfort through Aging in Place

As our residents' needs change, we customize our services to meet them. This means residents and their families never have to deal with the physical and emotional trauma of a move from one care setting to another, especially difficult for those with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Such stability through aging in place also helps build long-term relationships with caregivers.

Life Enrichment

Enriching one’s life is a highly individual activity that begins before a resident comes to live at Almost Home. We start with a thorough history and assessment, asking about accomplishments, occupations and hobbies. If Mom loved quilting, we’ll remember that and will develop activities with this in mind. If Dad was a woodworker, the same is true. In addition, we help residents and families compile a Life Story Book which warms the hearts of everyone who sees it. Residents, caregivers, and families use Life Story Books to reminisce about family vacations, favorite pets and the cherished hallmarks of life.

Activities That Matter

Our residents enjoy socializing in our home and are encouraged to join in 7 - 9 activities throughout the day. Activities may be individualized specific to a resident’s interests or group activities such as reminiscing, exercise class or crafts, which promote interpersonal relationships and help maintain fine and gross motor skills. In all cases, activities promote resident success and help enhance the resident’s self esteem.

Community Partnerships

Our teams work extensively with home health agencies, rehabilitation, occupational and respiratory therapy specialists, and hospice to ensure comprehensive care. We’ll also help arrange transportation for doctor appointments or hospital visits.

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